When Michelle was employed, she developed an interest in Event planning. Already efficient in producing collateral required for the events, Michelle was keen to get involved in organising entertainment for these events. 

The Recruitment Awards was an event that Michelle was delighted to be involved in. It was held at the Art Gallery. Michelle worked with the events manager to come up with the entertainment. Being creative and with a love for all things ‘artsy’, she proposed the idea of human statues, painted like the artwork to come alive during the pre-award session. The idea was approved and below are some images of the entertainment from this event.

You will also see images of the collateral and table designs for a variety of premier events including the Premier Research Awards ( Cancer Institute NSW) and the Premier Awards for the Recruitment Industry(Thomson Reuters):

The Prestigious Recruitment Awards, Thomson Reuters 

Human Statues that were painted like the artwork behind them. Recruitment Awards hosted by Thomson Reuters.



Human statue started dancing half way through pre-awards networking session.
Human statues started dancing to music half way through pre-award networking session.

The Prestigious ALB Australasian Law Awards, Thomson Reuters 

Banners adorned the columns outside the Town Hall in Sydney
The room inside the Town Hall prepared for the Prestigious Australasian Law Awards evening
The glass awards presented to recipients of the Prestigious Law Awards.
Media wall for photographs of the winners.
Awards guide for the evening.
Centrepieces for the tables at the Prestigious Australasian Law Awards.
Table decorations at the Prestigious Australasian Law Awards.
Centrepieces for the tables at the Prestigious Australasian Law Awards.