Case Study 1: Small guide, big results

Driving brand engagement and increasing member sign-ups

The goal was to increase subscriptions/registrations to the site and also engage punters during major sporting events.

While working as a design consultant at a creative agency, I came up with the idea of a new product for their client SportingBet. The product was pitched as a ‘special’ edition that would be released only before major sporting series eg. the World Cup, Wimbledon, Spring Racing Carnival, football final series etc.

The concept was approved by the client immediately and put into production within a month. The product was a massive commercial success and statistics revealed that each time the product was released there was a significant spike in member sign-ups and registrations as well as increased bets being placed by punters for the campaign overall.

Feedback received showed that not only did customers engage with the product more than usual but they enlisted family and friends to make joint decisions. Odds were discussed and bets were planned with family/friends discussed odds and planned their bets. The product kept the activity front-of-mind in the lead-up to the events and gave readers focussed information.

This product was the ‘first-of-its-kind’ in the market and received a commendation for innovation.


  • increase in registrations and member sign-ups
  • massive increase in client revenue
  • increased brand engagement
  • huge commercial success
  • industry commendation for special innovative product launched.
Innovative new mini-magazine for SportingBet