Case Study 2: Business development

Suzuki Australia account opens agency doors to the automotive industry

The purchase of a personal Suzuki Swift led to a discovery that Suzuki Australia did not have products that kept their brand/vehicles front and centre of the customer’s lives.

I approached the CEO at the creative agency that I worked to influence him to pitch the idea for a new product to Suzuki Motors. I collaborated with senior stakeholders and we approached Suzuki Motors and secured for the agency their very first and the agency secured their very first automotive client.

The creative agency had not been in the automotive space prior to this. They had banking, cruise and lifestyle clients. This account opened the agency doors up to other automotive clients and they soon secured the Volkswagen (VW) and iSuzu accounts.


  • the new product helped the client with increased engagement levels and kept their products front-and-centre in their clients mind
  • launched agency into a new industry space where they gained
    credibility and attracted other high-profile automotive clients
  • increased agency revenue and elevated its presence