Case Study 3: Aligning products with brand values

Developing unique innovative new products that align brands with their mission, vision and values

I was the lead designer on this project.

With new technology came the opportunity to enhance the customer experience, create unique client journeys and increase product engagement.

Getting the kids and their families on the journey
I designed the highly innovative and interactive educational app for my client. Green Cross International was set up by former Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev who is passionate about the environment. In 2011, Adobe launched the Digital Publishing Suite to create interactive apps.

User research indicated that kids were increasingly engaging with apps on their phones and mobile device. Since this product was designed for kids, I proposed the development of an app for the kids. An app also aligned with the company’s values so senior stakeholders got on board with this concept almost immediately.

The app was the very first Australian educational iPad magazine and was so successful it was recognised and honoured by Adobe California, USA. The app was featured on Adobe’s Digital Publishing Gallery blog and at their Design Centre for originality, superior design and functionality, high engagement and stellar animations. Adobe used it as a ‘prototype’ to showcase it to their educational clients.


  • global product engagement
  • product aligned with company values
  • first educational app launched in Australia
  • reviewed and honoured by Adobe California for innovation and superior functionality
  • used by Adobe’s Sydney office as a sales tool for the DPS platform (brand exposure)