Case Study 5: Increased Sales Revenue and Readership

Re-freshed magazine design increases advertising revenue

I was employed to work on an adventure magazine pitched at the younger more adventurous consumers in the market. When I took over the magazine, it was losing readership and advertising revenue. Seeing the problems the magazine was facing,  I asked if we could invest in it with a refreshed design.

We elevated the design of the magazine, giving it a more contemporary, mature look with huge stunning opening spreads and curious pull quotes that engaged the reader, drew them into the article and peaked their curiosity to delve deeper into each article. Within a month of launching the new designs, the magazine started gaining huge traction. Advertisers noticed the magazine was being invested into and they felt more confident about purchasing pages in the magazine. Ad revenue increased significantly and every magazine was sold out in terms of ad space.

The new look magazine also attracted the eye of Australian Geographic’s (AG) Editorial Director who decided to move the magazine under the AG flagship. This became AG’s adventure edition and helped AG secure a younger, more adventure-focused readership.

This has happened to me on many occasions where a new magazine design has attracted additional advertising revenue. In another organisation, the magazine went on to become the company’s flagship magazine in terms of advertising sales revenue.


  • Increased sales revenue
  • Significantly higher brand engagement
  • Rise in magazine subscriptions
  • Brand new target audience engaged
  • Attracted the attention of Australian Geographic magazine with significant increase in readership.